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Whitening trays vs retainers

On the other side, whitening trays have always little space for the bleaching gel to be spread on your teeth. Can I use my teeth whitening trays instead? Serena P. Therefore, the mold may result in a retainer that does not fit as well as it should. The whitening process begins on the tooth surface and cycles Jan 15, 2019 · Hawley retainers are the older style of retainer. It basically acts as a temporary retainer. It varies per product; however, you will likely have to use the tray for a few hours a night for 2-3 weeks. night during the two week period I am undergoing the KoR treatment?Is it safe to use my orthodontist's retainer as a whitening tray? Archived. Now there are some whitening gels out there that I'd like to try out. Can I use my plastic bleaching trays for retainers? I do not use my trays anymore and my teeth have not shifted in any way. And the time during whitening period when the patient has different tray can cause a relapse of all orthodontic movement. My dilemma is that I will soon start the KOR nighttime whitening at home treatment, which requires me to wear the whitening trays overnight. There’s no money in my account. Even then I won’t have all the money. If you grind your teeth, clear retainers might not last long for you. Given this, is it okay to wear my clear plastic retainer during the day vs. It is rather designed to merge your teeth to straighten them. 00! The difference between our trays and other trays is that we scallop ours to the gum line of your mouth so that the whitening gel won't be held over your gum tissue and …. It can damage the sift tissue. If you do not have custom fitted bleaching trays that are created using an exact mold of your teeth then you would benefit from using an LED tooth whitening light during treatment's to reduce the time of Enhancing your whitening experience Do I need to brush and floss? How long should I leave in the whitening trays? The whitening applications can be used up to 3 hours each session. Actually, the trays are formed to your teeth with precision and are not designed to serve for whitening purposes. AestheticsMay 02, 2019 · We can’t warranty retainers made using outside molds because we don’t know how old they are. If the mold is recent though, you should be fine. I don’t get paid for another week and a half. The LED teeth whitening light will not make your teeth whiter however it will accelerate the teeth whitening gel, thus causing it to react quicker when breaking down tough to fight stains. You can apply the tray while you are sleeping so it doesn’t affect your public appearance. Is it safe to use my orthodontist's retainer as a whitening tray? I was given a retainer to maintain my smile about two or so years ago. There’s no way I can get a new retainer until I’m paid. Dr. Retainers have to be worn for several months to maintain the teeth in their new places so it is advisable for any prospective client to clearly explore the options and carefully study their pros and cons: 1. – Ohio Serena, Unfortunately, teeth …Dual-purpose — Clear dental retainers from Retainers Direct can also be used as whitening trays to get professional-grade teeth whitening at home. Hall, I had braces on my teeth and I have had the old type retainer for years (pink w/wire) and have worn it out. Typically, the cost for upper & lower whitening trays range between $300. 00 and $800. Would it be dangerous to use my retainer as a tray? Clear Retainers vs Wire Retainers—Pros & cons. One of the primary positives regarding the use of a teeth whitening tray is its convenience. They are made from acrylic and use orthodontic wire to maintain the position of the teeth. But whitening the teeth with Invisalign is NOT a good idea and is not recommended due to a number of reason. It can damage the attachment of Invisalign "bracket" if you have them. They can be adjusted by a dentist, which makes them more adaptable, but they are much less comfortable and can cause issues with speech. Cons Prone to wear — Invisible retainers can wear out faster than the other options. I lost my retainer. The new retainers will be made perfectly, but your teeth may have shifted since the impression was taken. I just hate to spend $300+ if these would work just as well. Unless you have serious sensitivity issues, it is important to be consistent with the applications

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